Despite massive marketing with fantastic support from both our bands and our partners, we are now here with less than a month left until the festival with a fact we can not ignore. The harsh and sad truth is that we unfortunately did not sell enough tickets to dare to take the risk and carry out the event on 6-7 May. There is simply a lot of private investment at stake.

As a completely new player and a completely new brand, we went out hard in the middle of the current pandemic and when we released the tickets, there were still tough restrictions around the world. However, we were of the opinion that the fantastic line-up with associated partner activities that we had to present would carry us forward and all the way to the goal, but the boost we believed and hoped for when the restrictions were released did not materialize. Had we been the least hesitant, we would of course have done differently from the beginning.

We fully understand and respect that many felt an uncertainty about the world situation and perhaps therefore did not dare to buy tickets. We also know that many music lovers are sitting on most expensive tickets to other events that may have already been moved both two and three times. The situation has been and still is both unique and difficult to maneuver.

Since we are many who are a part of this, who have all worked hard to create a great festival, it is NONE of us who do not want to implement this! Therefore, a new date is being planned.




  • Purchased ticket will be valid until the new date.
  • If the buyer wishes to redeem tickets, contact, most easily via email to Do not forget to enter your booking number.
  • If any questions arise in contact with, they will redirect you to us, so you are in completely safe hands.
  • We will have a FAQ at where we answer most questions.