THE CONCEPT Downtown Riot is a newly started experience festival with breadth that should be easily accessible in an urban environment for anyone who appreciates rock, hard rock and metal. The festival will be at Fållan – a unique venue in the Slakthus area, right next to the Globe in Stockholm.

The scenes are located inside an old charcuterie, which creates a unique and raw city vibe. Adjacent to the venue itself is an associated outdoor area which during the festival will be called Patches & Pins. This area will have a separate program with visits from official fan clubs, partner activities, food trucks and of course sales of merch. Patches & Pins will simply be its own small micro-festival in the festival where all focus is on entertaining visitors with unique experiences.


In addition to presenting an attractive and well-balanced line-up with everything from classic rock to leaden metal, the focus is on the overall experience. Those who bought a ticket should feel welcomed and surprised when they arrive and when it’s time to go home, they should feel that they really got value for money. Even between the show, there will be interesting and relevant activities on stage, so no one feels that they want to leave the area.

There will also be various forms of art installations on site, as the festival in addition to the bands wants to provide space for other cultural practitioners who are in line with the concept. Perhaps what distinguishes Downtown Riot the most is that the festival will dedicate a number of slots to unsigned bands. This is something that is missing at many other festivals today and therefore visitors will get to see some of the bands that are meant to take over the baton in the future. Believe us when we promise some of tomorrow’s arena bands.

You are hereby invited to join the riot!

BACKGROUND The initiative for Downtown Riot was taken in early 2021 by Jonas Lööw, founder of Rockbladet.se – one of Sweden’s largest and oldest online magazines about rock, hard rock and metal. Jonas chose Republic 66 as a partner due to the combined experience and knowledge that exists in this newly started company. Republic 66 will, together with Jonas, lead the production work and be responsible for the marketing of the festival.

Jonas Lööw

Entrepreneur and founder of the online magazine Rockbladet and the podcast Rock Dudes. Over the years have also arranged clubs, concerts and other festivals. Rockbladet.se has existed since 2011 and now he also runs a new podcast called Rockflödet, which releases one episode a week and summarizes the last week’s rock news together with hot interviews. Rockflöd is organizing an Unsigned competition where the winner will get to play at the festival next year.

Link to Rockbladet: www.rockbladet.se. Link to Rockflödet: rockflodet.rocks


A creative hub that gathers industry people under one umbrella, to be able to offer complete solutions in music / culture. REPUBLIC 66 was founded in 2020 by Sari H Wilholm who is also a co-founder of Brands For Fans. Today she works full time in REPUBLIC 66. Sari is also the initiator and founder of the women’s network Queens of Stockholm.

The first to join REPUBLIC 66 as Executive Specialist was Martin Gustafsson, former marketing manager at the radio station Rockklassiker, but also rock DJ and club organizer for over 10 years.

Read more at: www.republic66.com.




Martin Gustafsson PR- & Marketing Mangager Mobile: +46 708 39 85 06 Email: martin (at) downtownriot.se

Sari H. Wilholm Producer Mobile: +46 70 727 16 28 Email: sari (at) downtownriot.se

Jonas Lööw Festival Manager Mobile: +46 708 312 444 Email: jonas (at) downtownriot.se