Accreditation – Press & Media

Accreditation – press and media

Welcome to apply for press accreditation to Downtown Riot 2024. Please read all information below carefully.

Application deadline: APRIL 30, 2024

Applications submitted after this date will not be processed.

General Information

Note that your application is individual. You can therefore not add more people to the rest field, but each individual must make their own, separate application.

Requirements for accreditation

To become press and media accredited to Downtown Riot, you first need a clear and verifiable assignment to cover the festival, issued by a well-established newspaper or other established media channel.

The accreditation is personal and can NOT be handed over to any other person without this being approved by the festival’s press team. If you have questions and concerns regarding this, contact us at:

Please carefully fill in all information in the application forum tutorial, including the client (named person incl. Telephone number). It is mandatory to include links to your published Downtown Riot material that you have published prior to the festival. This always increases your chances of being approved.

In cases where the information in the application is not complete with working links and / or relevant material from previous assignments, there is a risk that we will not be able to process your application.

If you have been granted accreditation, you are guaranteed a ticket even if the tickets sell out.

Media bracelet

You pick up your media wristband in the Accreditation, which will be near the regular entrance to SLAKTKYRKAN.

Press Area

Whether and if so where a possible Press Area will be is unclear at present. We ask to return to this issue closer to the festival’s implementation as all details of the production are not yet completely clear.

Photo accreditation

All forms of system cameras are NOT allowed in the festival area.

Therefore, it is important that you who are accredited have your media bracelet visible based on the fact that an inspector asks you to show it.

PLEASE NOTE that we will have zero tolerance for alcohol in the photo ditch and you will not have access to it if you are under the influence of alcohol.

Special needs

We wish you a pleasant and rewarding experience while you watch Downtown Riot and our press team is on site to help and facilitate for you!


When your application is processed, you will receive an email from us. We ask you to also check your rubbish bin during this period.

Welcome to Downtown Riot 2024!

OBS! By applying for press accreditation, you agree that Downtown Riot AB may contact you by e-mail with ongoing information about the event.

If we are forced to cancel the festival, this will be announced via our various communication channels.