Downtown Riot produly presents one of Sweden most energtic and groovy live band, THE HAWKINS.




In the middle of a gig in 2013, The Hawkins was started. From the rubble of previous bands, they finally found each other. A bunch of each other’s best friends.

The band has a harmonious splitter in their rock. Like Jekyll wrote the music and Hyde the lyrics. Playful and mischievous rock meets dark themes and the contrast between them creates a kind of playful seriousness. The Hawkins are to stand and tan when the house burns down.

The gig has always been important and since the start, the band has toured both Scandinavia and the rest of Europe. Live, The Hawkins is sweaty. A discharge for everyone involved. A discharge that sometimes caused band members to faint and sometimes caused such juicy clearing that the cop knocked on the door.

In 2020, the band signed with The Sign Records and released their second album “Silence is a Bomb” in the middle of a pandemic. With a lack of gigs and bran in the fingers, the band went out into the woods with two friends and filmed a concert for the trees, the birds and the mosquitoes. Together with a gig in a brewery and in a barn, this eventually became the live album “Live in the Woods” which was released a few months later.

In the fall of 2021, the mini-album “Aftermath” was released. A record about the time after a broken relationship. With dark and humorous energy, the band goes through plastic jazz, cleitrophobic film music, chewing gum pop and the Rolling Stones hardcore. With this candy bag, the band is more than ready to come out and play everywhere.