We have now opened up the registration form for our competition which we call Downtown Riot Unsigned. We have dedicated two slots in the schedule for just “unsigned” bands – ie young bands that do not yet have a record contract, management or the like. The idea is thus that we will give two of these bands the opportunity to play live in front of a larger audience.

To participate in the Unsigned competition, fill in the form below, where you can also attach files and a more detailed band description. We would be glad to see one or a couple of unreleased songs in mp3 format and other material that you think may arouse our interest. Do not forget to use the field for Description / Motivation, where you can give us a crispy pitch / motivation for why your particular band should win the competition and thus also be part of Downtown Riot’s line-up 2022. OBS! Also read the rules before you register. *

The application is open until March 13, 2022. After that, the festival management together with Rockskolan Sverige will decide which bands will be the winners. The Winners will be announced the 4th of april 2022.

* Rules for participating in the competition:
The band may not hold any form of valid record contract, distribution contract or equivalent. The band will exclusively perform original works – ie only songs that they have written themselves. The band’s oldest member can be a maximum of 30 years old (born 1992). The band must be available to play on 6-7 May 2022, when registration is binding – so the winner / winners can not “jump off” without an acceptable reason such as illness or other form of force majeure, which will then require a medical certificate or other acceptable documentation.

Attached files have a maximum size of 12MB per file. If you have problems using the form, you can email your application to us at Unsigned@downtownriot.se. File types that can be attched is pdf, doc, docx, jpg, png, mp3 and m4a.